Homework and Hiking- Bears Hump & Linnet Lake

I think I’ve figure out a way to balance life a bit! At least for the next three weeks until I start student teaching and then I’ll have to adjust to a whole new schedule again. In class last week we spent some time discussing how we were feeling in the top four areas of wellness; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.…

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Boosting my Immune System with Etrexa Immunum

Happy Thanksgiving from Alberta, Canada! Did I mention it’s snowing? Like a lot? Yeah…..   Actually, I’m okay with it because I love snow! I like to bundle up and enjoy the flakes. However, most of my fellow students do not bundle up and walk around campus shivering coatless, toqueless, in wet street shoes. You see, when you’re young and…

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Friday Fitness- Gotta Walk the Walk

I’ve been feeling pretty gross lately with the drastic drop in workouts, increased time indoors hunched over a computer or textbook, and all the JUNK I’ve been eating during my late night study jams. But as I said before, I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s ok to do less if this is a particular short period in my life…

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How to Use the Outdoor Gym Equipment at Nicholas Sheran

I always jump at the chance to be on camera and so this summer I helped ShawTV Lethbridge and Healthy Lethbridge demonstrate how to use the various gym equipment at the Nicholas Sheran Outdoor Gym. The weather is getting pretty cold already though, so hit this outdoor gym while you still can! Check it out!

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Honoured to be Part of the A-Team

I was pretty stoked when I ran into Blakiston & Company owner Mike and he told me he wanted me to join a team of brand ambassadors known as the A-Team! Waterton Lakes National park is a small community and if you work there or visit enough you’ll get to know everyone and I love going and chatting people up.…

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Friday Fitness- Bikes, Balls & Sarada Fitness Wear

Another Friday is here already?!? Yowza! This week was… meh fitness wise. I didn’t go on a run once but I was active almost every day. I have to admit that’s because I had softball three nights in a row and I kept trying to get out of it to do homework but our team didn’t have enough girls for…

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Fall Mountain Biking on the Wishbone Trail

All that hard work last week doing homework paid off because I was completely done it all by Saturday afternoon and was able to head to the mountains on Sunday with Rachelle with a carefree mind. Last weekend was amazing weather wise, the perfect warm sunny fall day and I as she was on her way to my place, I…

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Mizuno Wave Creation Review

Remember how I warned you all to never buy running shoes off the clearance rack? Boy do I stick to that sentiment! I did my half marathon training in a pair of cheap running shoes that caused bleeding blisters, sore ankles, and tight tendons. Then comes Mizuno to the rescue! Besides the fact that Mizuno makes running shoes for running,…

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Blogger Authenticity- I don’t care!

Recently, my absolute favourite blogger Jo at Living Mint Green asked her readers what they thought about  social media authenticity  after a “friend” said that Jo’s photos of her kissing her boyfriend were annoying and not authentic. This very rude comment made me mad and then I read the blog comments and was even angrier! People actually said that they too…

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Friday Fitness- Being ok with less

I don’t want to turn this blog into a space where I complain about how much work my Education Practicum Studies are this semester but it has greatly affected my workouts and my running schedule. You know how everyone tells you “schedule it in” “stop making excuses” “there’s always time” well those are the voices that go through my head…

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Big fat paw

Apollo’s Infected Foot Saga

There’s something I haven’t been talking about the past couple of weeks, my little border collie Apollo is once again nursing a foot injury. It started off with a simple little tear on his left pad. Earlier this summer he sliced off his right pad on our fence which was another saga of infection and antibiotics, but this time the tear was smaller than…

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Friday Fitness- Gotta get up early!

Friday at last!! This has been a long exhausting week. Getting back into the school groove is tough but my three hour ed classes paired with filling any spare hours with work has been so exhausting! Almost every day this week I’ve come straight home after leaving work or class at 4 and napped. This busy schedule paired with lots…

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Hiking the Carthew Alderson Trail

Prepare yourself readers, this post has 31 photos. On Labour Day, my friend Samara and I headed to Waterton despite the rain clouds to hike Carthew Alderson, a 20 km one way hike that requires a shuttle to the start at Cameron Lake. This was the last hike Samara needed to get the Triple Crown! I’ve been hiking in Waterton…

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Belated Friday Fitness- Skinny Jeans and Busy Schedules

School has begun and I am feeling so overwhelmed right now it’s insane. I’m in my first Practicum semester and between six classes and work I’ll be on campus from 9-4:30 Monday through Friday and that doesn’t count the weekends I’ll have to work on homework or group projects. Needless to say, I’m currently trying to figure out how to…

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Freaking Out Won’t Change the Situation

As a Type A overachiever dealing with anxiety is a part of life. When life feels out of control I have to clean and organize my house, car, and yard from top to bottom merely for the sake of feeling in control of something. But in life you can’t control everything and earlier this summer my brother Bruce and sister-in-law Lauren…

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